If you are looking for the best quality marine upholstery for your boats and cruisers, Luxafoam North is it.

Located in Sydney on the Northern Beaches Luxafoam North provides a comprehensive range of foam products, fabrics and services for your boating needs. Whether you own a small vessel or large cruiser we offer the best marine upholstery to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Our Enduro range of Dunlop foams are flame retardant and treated with Ultra Fresh which inhibits the growth of bacteria and mildew. They are renowned for their plush feel, comfort and ability to keep bouncing back. Perfect for all your interior seating and sleeping requirements.

Our Dunlop Dry Flow (reticulated) foams reticulate or drain away the water it comes in contact with. When combined with appropriate fabrics, such as outdoor open weave materials and using a mesh base, the cushions will dry out easily and effectively and thus provide comfort and superior performance for years to come. All our foams can be bought by the sheet or custom cut to any size and shape required for your V-berths, cockpit, banquette and seating areas.

Luxafoam North offers premium boat upholstery solutions using the best fabrics available. We specialise in custom made seat covers for all your seating and sleeping requirements. Our Sunbrella fabrics are made to last without fading, are breathable and mold resistant. We use fabrics which are weather and water proof ensuring your cushions remain looking fantastic. Be it high grade marine vinyl or leather covers, you can be assured your boat will be upholstered to the highest standards.

Learn more about our Dunlop foams and marine upholstery services by getting in touch with Rob, who has years of experience in marine upholstery in Northern Beaches and an extensive knowledge of all our foam products.

Please visit our gallery page to see samples of our work.