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Upholstery Foam Sydney: For Home and Outdoor Use

Upholstery Foam Sydney: For Home and Outdoor Use

At Luxafoam North we specialise in providing the best quality foams for use in your home and outdoor upholstery in Sydney area. From upholstery, lounge chairs to dining chairs, window seats, outdoor daybeds, cane and wicker settings and bbq settings, bring new life and comfort to your furniture by replacing old worn out cushions with comfortable and supportive ones. We will transform your interior and exterior areas into beautiful comfortable areas that will look great and feel great for years to come.

We cut our foams to any size and shape to suit all styles of seating. You can choose to have just one single piece of foam or for extra comfort you can layer your foam cushions with soft cushioning and slow recovery foams which help create lasting plush comfort. Having your cushions wrapped in a bonded polyester fibre known as dacron or wadding also gives the cushion a softer and rounder look making the cushion cover look more fuller and plump. Polyfibre is also an excellent water and moisture barrier material so is suitable for outdoor use.

Our most highly recommended and popular foam for furnishing is Dunlop Enduro. It is a range of premium high quality, high density foams, which makes furniture look better and feel more comfortable. Qualities of Enduro foam include:

  • Superb level of comfort and support
  • Ability to keep bouncing back and extreme durability

All our Dunlop foams are treated with Ultra-Fresh, a proven anti-microbial compound that provides effective control of house dust mites as well as the growth of destructive mould and mildew.

For your outdoor areas Dunlop Dry Flow foams will suit you best. Dry Flow foams are perfect for all outdoor foam needs because they reticulate or allow the water to drain through. When combined with outdoor fabrics and using mesh bases the cushions will dry out quickly and easily and provide comfort and superior performance for years to come. Ideal for use in outdoor lounges, dining chairs,ottomans and daybeds.

We also specialize in making custom covers for all your indoor and outdoor seating needs. We have a wide range of fabric samples on hand to choose from such as Warwick, Mokum, Zepel and Sunbrella. Please take a look at our gallery images to see samples of Rob’s work.

So, whether it’s for your outdoor upholstery in Northern Beaches or for your home upholstery in Sydney please call Luxafoam North today. Rob has over 30 years experience in upholstery and an extensive knowledge of foam products. You can be assured that you will get the best advice and product for your needs.