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Dunlop foams
Dunlop foams

Dunlop Foam & Furniture Upholstery Services in Sydney

Luxafoam North, for above 25 years has been selling a wide range of Australian-made Dunlop foams for furniture upholstery purposes in  Northern Beaches, Sydney. For furniture upholstery needs in  Northern Beaches, Sydney, the Dunlop brand is being instantly recognized and respected. This brand is the representative of integrity, quality and value; thus is being respected for over 70 years for Dunlop leads as the developer and manufacturer of polyurethane foams and products for diverse industrial and consumer markets, which include bedding, healthcare, furniture, transport, sports, packaging and a lot more. 

We are using this quality foam for furniture upholstery purposes to meet the demands of our clients in Northern Beaches, Sydney. Together with furniture upholstery, we are even using the foam in our marine upholstery work requirements as well. Since superior Australian-made Dunlop foams are backed by Quality Accredited Research & Development and are even Ultra-Fresh® treated, so this choice is fit for a healthier home. We rely on this Australian-manufactured foam free of ozone-depleting CFCs for varied furniture upholstery requirements in Sydney. The three words core values of Dunlop comprise "Comfort That Lasts"

Foam has a greater demand in Sydney, thus as needed, we cut foams for custom solutions that befit the specific sizes and requirements. Whatever might be the purpose - whether to make a new sofa or a lounge, cushioned outdoor furniture or customized marine furniture for boats - our expertise and knowledge at using the best foam in Sydney will mark the success of the project. 

Dunlop Enduro® is a premier quality foam with 36kg/m3 to 50kg/m3 density ranges. These foams are best for furniture upholstery projects in Sydney, because it ensures a superb level of comfort and support. Thanks to this foam, the furniture upholstery looks better and feels more comfortable for a much longer period. Hence, it's a better choice to add value for money. Enduro® is made available with exceptional ability. It is capable of bouncing back, despite being put to constant use.

These are the inner qualities of Enduro®: 

  • The comfort and support level is superb.
  • Contains exceptional fire retardant properties.
  • Constant bouncing back capabilities and extreme durability.
  • Ultra-Fresh® treated to retain a healthier home environment. 

With these qualities, Enduro® foams become suitable for a wide range of specialized commercial applications, which include commercial transport seating, export commercial furniture, and institutional/security bedding. 

Dunlop Hypersoft® foams are being used in bedding and upholstery purposes for creating very soft comfort layers. These layers are proven to be more durable compared to fibre-based products, hence of immense importance in furniture upholstery projects in  Northern Beaches, Sydney.

A range of economical general-purpose foams ranging from densities from 24kg/m3 to 29kg/m3 is Dunlop Marathon®. 

Dunlop Viscoflex is a low-resilience, visco-elastic (VE) foam that is even said to be a "slow recovery" or "memory" foam. Viscoflex is a popularly used foam in Sydney for its unique formulation, that allows it to be conforming to the body's shape even if the conditions are cold.

Different from other VE foams, Dunlop Viscoflex would never become hard in cold conditions, which assures instant comfort without the body's need to be heated to soften it. Viscoflex helps in improving comfort, and in the process brings down interface pressure that decreases tossing and turning in bed. In turn, it helps in reducing the possibilities of pressure sores development, (which can also be called decubitus ulcers) when it is used in hospital mattresses and wheelchair cushions. 

Dunlop Opulence is the finest choice for furniture upholstery projects for it delivers comfort and performance. The combined plush feel and underlying support ensure exceptional comfort. Another assured trait is the extreme durability needed by the furniture upholstery needs in Sydney. 

Dry Flow 
Dunlop's range of foams applicable for outdoor furniture upholstery purposes in Sydney is perfect for Alfresco dining furniture, poolside furniture, boating and more. Such outdoor grade foams are regarded as "reticulated" foams because of their key features of reticulation capability and draining the water away it is likely to come into contact with.


> What is Dunlop foam made of?

Dunlop Foam is made of synthetic rubber, natural latex or prepolymer-based polyurethane. Polyurethane is a thermosetting polymer that comes from a combination of Methyl di-isocyanate polythene, and some other crucial chemical additives.

> How long does Dunlop Foam Last?

Dunlop foam that is generally used for furniture upholstery purposes can last up to 20–30 years if it is taken properly care of.

> Can Dunlop foam be recycled?

Dunlop foams are 100% recyclable. Dunlop Foams makes a lot of effort to guarantee that, by using advanced manufacturing techniques, we are keeping harmful emissions to a minimum.

To get the best Dunlop foam for your furniture upholstery purposes in Sydney contact Luxafoam North. 

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