Dunlop foams

At Luxafoam North we sell a wide range of Australian made Dunlop foam in Northern Beaches, Sydney.The Dunlop brand is instantly recognised and respected; it represents integrity, quality and value. For over 70 years they have been the leading developer and manufacturer of polyurethane foams and products for diverse industrial and consumer markets – including bedding, furniture, healthcare, transport, sports, packaging and many others. Their superior Australian made foams are backed by Quality Accredited Research & Development and are Ultra-Fresh® treated for a healthier home environment and manufactured in Australia without ozone-depleting CFCs.Dunlop’s core values in three words are: ‘Comfort That Lasts’.


Dunlop Enduro® is a range of premier quality foams with densities from 36kg/m3 to 50kg/m3 that ensures a superb level of comfort and support. It keeps your mattress or furniture looking better and feeling more comfortable for much longer, making it better value for money. Enduro® has an exceptional ability to bounce back, even after constant use.

Inner qualities of Enduro® include:

  •  Superb level of comfort and support
  • Exceptional fire retardant properties
  • Ability to keep bouncing back and extreme durability
  • Ultra-Fresh® treated for a healthier home environment

These qualities also make Enduro® foam suitable for a wide range of specialised commercial applications including: commercial transport seating, institutional/security bedding and export commercial furniture.


Dunlop Hypersoft® foams are used in bedding and furniture to create very soft comfort layers that are much more durable than those made from fibre-based products.


Dunlop Marathon® is a range of economical general purpose foams with densities from 24kg/m3 to 29kg/m3.


Dunlop Viscoflex is a range of low resilience, visco-elastic (VE) foams that are also known as "slow recovery" or "memory" foams. The unique formulation of Dunlop Viscoflex allows it to conform to the shape of the body even in cold conditions.

Unlike most other VE foams, Viscoflex does not go hard in cold conditions, providing instant comfort without the need for body heat to soften it.Viscoflex improves comfort and reduces interface pressure, which decreases tossing and turning in bed and can help reduce the likelihood of developing pressure sores (also known as bed sores or decubitus ulcers) when used in hospital mattresses and wheelchair cushions.


Dunlop Opulance delivers the finest when it comes to comfort and performance. A combination of plush feel and underlying support ensures exceptional comfort while providing extreme durability.

Dry Flow

Dunlop has released a range of foam in Sydney suitable for outdoor purposes such as Alfresco dining furniture, patio furniture, poolside furniture, boating etc. These outdoor grade foams are referred to as "reticulated" foams due to their key feature of being able to reticulate or drain away the water that it will come into contact with.